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Owner/Operator/ Big Boss 

The Godfather of Comics! The Man of the Hour! Carlos started his life in comics when he first opened comic book shop “Rise from the Ashes” in the early 90s in the east end of Toronto. Officially a father of one but the godfather or everyone (official/ not official) Carlos brings in the good merch! He’s basically our guy that ensures everyone gets a smile on their faces in store because they’ve got the variants they want and the statue they’ve always dreamed of having. He’s also our go to man for anything CGC related! Say hello to Carlos in the store (or in conventions) when you see him, he’s the guy covered in superhero tattoos rocking a “Straight Out of Gotham” shirt.

Tim’s Order: He takes his Tim’s coffee Large Dark Roast half sugar *winks* (with 3 Ice Cubes in the summer)

These are a Few of My Favourite Things: Toronto Maple Leafs, New England Patriots, Most of the time Alivia.. jks. I love her 

Official HASTAG: #73Camara 




Floor Manager/ The RIGHT Hand Man

Bachelor of History graduate from Ryerson formerly known as the dude-who-climbs-the-ladders-of-Gotham-Central, Mat the “The RIGHT Hand Man” is your go to for anything comics! Give him at least 3 words to describe the comic you want and he will know about it and he will magically make it appear in thin air. You can find Mat front and centre of our social media posts with the infamous “The Chin” pose alongside his one perpetually untied shoe. Mat is a history man as we have previously mentioned, so please feel free to ask him European/ MENA history questions whilst he awkwardly grabs a wall book for you! If you feel like hearing some gross ER stories and/or travel trip stories make sure you approach this one, he’s got all that and more. PS. He’s Single. PPS. He can show you the world. 

Tim’s Order: Also he takes his Tim’s coffee in bulk, however he will settle for a Medium Regular from Tims.

These are a Few of My Favourite Things: Blues Music, Traveling somewhere new, Mojito’s, Sarcasm, and looking to see when Jowy is playing the Baby Making Music and sending her a text with a thumbs up, oh and Batman he’s cool. 

Official HASTAG: #RightHandCzipf 



Customer Service/ Resident Dude Who Reads Everything

Our good man Adam is always the funnest to talk to about basically everything. He won’t just know one or two things about this book or TV show you’ve never heard off, but he may have an appropriate song that goes with it. Adam enjoys long walks in the beach… but not when he’s injured because let’s face it sometimes he is and we need him so please don’t take him to beaches if you don’t need to. Adam is a lover of so many genres so please ask him ALL THE THINGS!

Tim’s Order: Unlike the rest of the team, Adam is no coffee lover, he is however a very big fan of the greenest of teas!

These are a Few of My Favourite Things: Astrophysics, History, Deadly Class, Indie Books, and European Food 

Official HASTAG: #StupidSexyAdam #Raygungang #Funkymrfox



Customer Service/ Resident Go To For All the CARDS

What can we say about Ryan? Well he’s new so… yea.. His name’s Ryan. Ryan is our newest recruit and he is our MAGIC DUDE, he won’t be pulling out a rabbit out of his hat however he will be more than willing to get you started on all things Magic the Gathering. Mat found him in the streets of Ryerson— let’s not lie to ourselves- it was a college bar, and Mat was like “hey you want a job? You seem chill? You look like you play Magic” and so Ryan was like *YEA MY DUDE” and the rest is HISTORY! (Get it? It’s because him and Mat are History Grads).

Tim’s Order: Since Ryan is new we don’t know his caffeine preference yet.. But we’re going to tire him out a bit more and so he can finally tell us his preferred caffeine beverage. One time we saw him have Green Tea tho. 

These are a Few of My Favourite Things: Magic, Magic, Magic, Magic, and Magic (the cards mostly) 

Official HASTAG: #NoNicknameRyan



Customer Service/ Resident Artiste

Andrew has been in Gotham since Gotham was just a small nugget of a shop. Now that Gotham is the Big Mac of comics and collectibles Andrew can now reminisce on the humble beginnings of the shop that immersed him in the world of comics. Andrew is now not only bagging and boarding comics but is also making them! *gasps* yes that’s right Andrew is a professional artist and letterer and you can see his work in Auric the Great White North, Captain Canuck, Canuck Adventures, Archie Comics and so so much more!

Tim’s Order: Make sure you say hi to him with a double double in hand!

These are a Few of My Favourite Things: Comics, Dragon Ball, Mexican Food, Star Trek, and obviously my handsome sons who look like me.